Translation of technical documents and drawings

Technical translation is Bireta’s field of specialization.

Technical translation is a more detailed type of specialist translation of texts on technological subjects, which make practical use of scientific and technical information. Translation of this kind requires not only knowledge of the typically used terminology, but also specific knowledge in a particular field.

  • The translators and proof-readers that work for us are specialists in their particular fields – construction engineers, automatic control engineers, electricians, mechanics, gas engineers, and information technology technicians. Many of them are specialists registered as technical translators with the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna - NOT). All of them have many years’ experience working in translation of large technical projects.
  • We guarantee consistent use of terminology between translated texts. We use professional software that is specially designed for translation agencies. We develop a terminology database and glossary for each project.
  • We handle large technical projects, requiring translation of as many as several thousand pages per month, efficiently. We can also provide certified translations for projects.
  • We coordinate projects – a project manager is assigned to each project, and that person contacts the client regularly, agrees a specific schedule with the client, and makes sure that the translation process runs smoothly.
  • We provide translations from the initial proposal through commercial negotiations and contracts to the implementation and project documentation delivery and training stages.
  • We translate more than 10,000 technical drawings per year.

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We translate the following type of texts and documents:

Project documentation

The technical translations we provide cover all kinds of technical documentation, including spatial concepts, feasibility designs, construction designs, technical designs or as-built documentation. The translations are carried out by specialists in various fields (e.g. construction engineers) who are familiar with the specific nature of the industry and its associated projects.

Environmental permits

We provide technical translations of environmental permits required to secure before obtaining construction or land development permit. Environmental permits are necessary in order to carry out any construction projects which have a significant impact on the environment. Therefore their professional technical translation is vital for a successful completion of the project.

Tender documents

Our offer of technical translations in Poland also includes tender documentation. We have provided translation and interpreting services for numerous foreign and Polish companies which participated in public procurement procedures. We have a thorough knowledge of tender procedures, thanks to which we not only deliver excellent quality technical translations in a short time, but also adjust them to the legal requirements of public procurement law. We provide translation services at each stage of the tender process, from the translation of Terms of Reference through negotiations to the signing of a contract with the client.

Terms of Reference

The ToR (Terms of Reference) is the most important document in a public procurement procedure, containing information such as a description of the subject of the contract, completion dates, or tender evaluation criteria. Accurate technical translation of Terms of Reference are crucial for companies wanting to successfully participate in the bidding process.


We provide technical translations of warranty cards into various languages. A product warranty should be clear, and the manufacturer's obligations and the consumer's rights described therein should be comprehensible and unambiguous. Thanks to our long-standing experience, we can provide comprehensive translations of technical documentation of various products - from specialized devices and machines to common electronics.

User manuals

Our technical translation agency in Poland will help you translate specialized manuals for technical equipment and machines, explaining the principle of use, maintenance, assembly or emergency procedures. Technical translations include manuals for equipment used in the power sector, oil & gas sector, chemical sector, construction sector, defense industry, telecommunications, automotive industry and many others.


We provide technical translations of catalogs concerning e.g. measuring devices, building materials, electrical and electronic equipment, construction materials and others. Thanks to the professional terminology databases we create for each project, we are able to provide professional technical translations for any industry.


We translate technical texts, including standards, regulations and directives concerning e.g. power, electrical and mining equipment and machines, liquid and solid fuels, chemical substances, nanotechnology, IT systems, measuring instruments, building materials and products.

Functional-utility programs (FUP)

Our technical translation agency also provides translations of functional-utility programs. FUPs are a part of the Polish public procurement procedures. They serve the purpose of determining the planned costs of design and construction works, description of the subject of the contract, preparation of the offer, in particular with regard to the calculation of the offer price and execution of design works. Our professional translators are experienced in providing services large-scale projects and can therefore professionally translate architectural, functional, material and economic related requirements into European or Asian languages.

Technical drawings

Need a translation of technical drawings in Warsaw? You are in the righ place! Every year, Bireta translates more than 10,000 drawings into several different European and Asian languages. These include drawings of equipment, structures, machinery, systems, buildings, and many others. We work with computer software commonly used in technical design, mainly AutoCAD. By translating text directly on the drawing, we are able to precisely reproduce the original layout of the document. We employ specialists in engineering and construction industries, therefore you can be sure that the technical translations are of the highest quality.


We offer translation of contracts into many different Asian and European languages, including technical translations into English and German. We also provide comprehensive support during bidding process, at the stage of preparing and submitting an offer and negotiating contracts. Thanks to our cooperation with lawyers and the application of a two-stage quality control system we guarantee that the translation will be precise and professional.

Even professionals fluent in a foreign language may find it difficult to translate design documents or complex operating manuals. In practice, technical translations require not only excellent linguistic and convention writing skills, but also multifaceted knowledge and expertise in a given industry. These are essential tools in the work of any professional technical translator. That's why in the everyday work of our Warsaw office we use the assistance of specialists who not only have an excellent command of a specific industry terminology, but are also able to verify the techical accuracy of the content.

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