Technical translation is Bireta’s field of specialization.

Technical translation is a more detailed type of specialist translation of texts on technological subjects, which make practical use of scientific and technical information. Translation of this kind requires not only knowledge of the terminology typically used, but also specific knowledge in a particular field.

  • The translators and proof-readers that work for us are specialists in their particular fields – construction engineers, automatic control engineers, electricians, mechanics, gas engineers, and information technology technicians. Many of them are specialists registered as technical translators with the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations (Naczelna Organizacja Techniczna – NOT). All of them have many years’ experience working in translation of large technical projects.
  • We guarantee consistent use of terminology between translated texts. We use professional software that is specially designed for translation agencies. We develop a terminology database and glossary for each project.
  • We handle large technical projects, requiring translation of as many as several thousand pages per month, efficiently. We can also provide certified translations for projects.
  • We coordinate projects – a project manager is assigned to each project, and that person contacts the client regularly, agrees a specific schedule with the client, and makes sure that the translation process runs smoothly.
  • We provide translations from the initial proposal through commercial negotiations and contracts to the implementation and project documentation delivery and training stages.
  • We translate more than 10,000 technical drawings per year.

We can translate:

  • certificates
  • design documentation
  • environmental decisions
  • tender documentation
  • guarantees
  • user manuals
  • catalogues
  • contracts
  • standards
  • functional and operational programs
  • technical designs
  • technical drawings
  • tender terms of reference