Bireta translation agency can provide comprehensive services for conferences, congresses, and international events of other kinds.

The most common form of interpreting at conferences is simultaneous interpreting from a sound-proof booth. The attendees hear the translated speech in earphones they collected together with a receiver before the event started.

Our translation agency provides translators with many years’ experience in conference interpreting, and professional equipment for simultaneous interpreting, which consists of:

  • portable sound-proof booths for the interpreter
  • the simultaneous interpreting equipment – the central unit, infrared pointer, interpreter’s desktop
  • the receiver to pick up the interpreting, and headphones
  • the sound system: cordless speakers and microphones

Upon the client’s request we can also provide any additional equipment needed for the conference, such as projectors, monitors, and plasma screens.

We handle more than 30 conferences per year.

Please see the list of selected interpreting services that Bireta has provided:

List of interpreting projects