Additional services


All of the translations produced in our office are always reviewed by another translator – proof-reader. Upon request we can also provide proofreading of texts and documents translated elsewhere. We also perform proofreading in cases in which the client sends us updated or amended versions of the documents we have translated.


Editing of a text involves additional correction of a text by a native speaker of the language in question, who works on the text to ensure consistency and that the text is logical and well composed. This means that the terminology and style are more suited to the purpose for which the text is intended, and the editor renders the text more reader-friendly. Editing is particularly important in cases of translations of academic texts, books, or commercial offers. We recommend this service in particular when the text being translated is to be published.


A service we offer which is an addition to translation services is graphic formatting and preparing of texts for printing. We translate drawings, tables, or charts created in Visio, Auto Cad, Photo Shop, Acrobat, and Power Point while retaining the original layout.

If we receive a text that is intended to be published, we can also prepare it to be sent directly to the printer. We create the graphic design according to the client’s instructions, insert the translation, perform final editorial corrections and then provide the client with the material ready to go to print.