Simultaneous interpreting is a form of translation in which interpreters hear what a speaker is saying and translate orally at the same speed. Usually interpreting of this kind is provided in a soundproof booth by two interpreters working alternately. The attendees of the event hear a simultaneous translation transmitted to their headphones. Interpreter booths are the most commonly used form of providing conference interpreting services. Conference interpreting is available into an unlimited number of languages. Each language combination requires a separate booth and a separate team of interpreters.

Whispering interpretation is a special form of simultaneous interpreting which does not require specialist equipment. The interpreters translate what the speaker is saying speaking quietly for a small group, usually of 1-2 attendees of a meeting or conference.

We provide simultaneous interpreting  among other things for:
  • congresses
  • conferences
  • symposia
  • seminars
  • business meetings
  • training
  • negotiations

Simultaneous interpreting services are always provided by people who have many years’ experience. The suitable interpreters who specialise in a particular subject area are selected for each event. Selecting the right interpreters guarantees that a translation is accurate and at the same time raises the prestige of the conference or other type of event.

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