Sworn translations, also known as certified translations, are a type of service done by sworn translators who become licensed by taking a state examination. This type of translation is used when the document must have legal validity and will be used in official proceedings. Documents produced by a Polish sworn translator are equal to a notarized document. Our sworn translation agency in Poland provides translations into various European and Asian languages. The most popular requests we receive are for:

  • sworn translations into German,
  • sworn translations into French,
  • sworn translations into English.

Certified translation agency in Poland

In the case of certified translations, the translator not only converts the text itself into the source language, but also describes all other elements included in the document, e.g. seals, letterheads, or handwritten annotations. We provide certified translations into Polish, English, German, French, and other languages of such documents as:

  • pleadings,
  • submissions,
  • affidavits,
  • certifications,
  • and other legal documents.
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Certified translation agency and information security

Certified translations into Polish, German, French, English or other languages require strict confidentiality and information security. In our office, we follow rigorous procedures which allow us to ensure complete security of the data we receive from our clients. We sign a confidentiality clause with all our employees. Thus, our clients can be sure that the certified translations we deliver will never fall into the wrong hands.

How much does a certified translation in Polish, English, French or German cost?

The pricing method for a standard page of certified translation in Poland is set by the Polish Ministry of Justice. One standard page of translation is 1125 characters plus spaces, and each commenced page is counted as a full page. The cost of a certified translation depends on:

  • the source language,
  • the target language,
  • the document volume,
  • preferred delivery time of the translation.

What is the quality of a certified or sworn translation?

Our sworn translation agency in Poland focuses on providing the highest quality specialist translations. Certified and sworn translation serices are carried out only by our qualified and verified sworn translators.

  • In addition, we carry out translation services according to procedures specified by the ISO 17100. This standards defines requirements for a high quality translation process and project management;
  • We also apply a two-stage quality control system, i.e. each certified translation is always proofread by a second translator.

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